Terra Bamboo offers a diverse range of products geared towards end-consumers as well as wholesale distributors and nurseries around the state of Mississippi.

  • Candles
    • All our candles are compostable – down to the soy wax that goes in them!
  • Poles
    • Bamboo poles are very versatile product.  Used for landscaping, decoration and numerous other projects
  • Mulch
    • Natural, Chemical-Free Bamboo Mulch
  • Fencing
    • Banish that unsightly chain-link fence and create a calming backyard atmosphere
  • Timber
    • Build custom cabinets, counter-tops, and doors with high-end sustainable bamboo
  • Vases (Flowers and Décor)
    • Enhance the natural beauty of a room with a premium renewable and watertight bamboo vase