Bamboo Mulch

The New Standard In Chemical-Free Mulch

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Terra Bamboo is changing the landscape of the production and use of mulch in Mississippi. Our bamboo is harvested, chipped and baled by local workers from sites where bamboo is considered unwanted yet will provide a long lasting income stream for the home/land owner.  We strive to keep our mulch free of pesticides, seeds, and soil providing a product that is rich in carbon and nitrogen.  Bamboo mulch acts as a mat to keep weeds out of your garden bed.  It can be used for erosion purposes along interstates and roads.  The color and material is long lasting.

” Covering the soil with the 2 cm and 4 cm thick crushed bamboo prevented the decrease of the soil water content […] reduced the total amount of the irrigated water 20% less than no mulching.”  Please see the link to the Department of Agro–environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University for more information.


Bamboo mulch can be picked up or delivery can be made if enough is purchased. Bulk discounts may apply. Contact us.