Bamboo candles can be treated with an eco-friendly fire retardant that is ASTM E84 and ASTM E119 certified upon request. We do not use paraffin wax (petro chemicals) – all our candles are made with soy wax. A bamboo candle is a perfect addition to your bathroom, patio or kitchen.

Boo Lights          boolights (Copy)
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Bamboo Boats   Bamboo Boat
  • 3-4 wicks:          $20
  • 5-6 wicks:          $25
  • 7 + wicks:          $30


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About Soy Candles

Soy candles have many advantages, both practically and enviornmentally, over traditional paraffin candles. As a natural product they burn cleaner, longer and slower than traditional candles. Unlike traditional candles, they can also be easily cleaned simply using water.


What kind of wax does Terra Bamboo use?
For our candles we employ 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax is an environmentally friendly alternative to the petroleum based paraffin wax used by most candle makers. It has even been shown [here] that when burned paraffin wax can cause air pollution when used indoors.

How do Terra Bamboo candles get their scent?
Terra Bamboo infuses our candles with 100% natural essential oils. These essential oils provide their natural and authentic scents along with the aroma therapeutic benefits present in our candles.

How do I maintain the beautiful appearance of my candles?
When exposed to direct light for extended periods of time candles may exhibit some discolouration. Terra Bamboo advises not to keep candles permanently by windows or outside if maintaining wax color is a concern. Soy wax is also sensitive to temperature and may shrink resulting in air bubbles between the candle and the glass jar. This is normal and does not affect how well our candles burn.

How long do Terra Bamboo candles burn?
Our candles average eight to twelve hours. While the wax lasts much longer, there will be a noticeable decrease in fragrance strength after the aforementioned time.

For the best results how long should I burn a candle?
While it is not possible to adhere to the following guidelines all the time, the following will allow for the longest candle life and best possible burning experience:

1. The most important candle burn is the first. Soy wax has a good memory – subsequent candle burns will be such that the melted wax does what it did during the first burn. Therefore:

2. Allow the melted wax to reach the glass. This is very important and will reduce many issues related to the quality of your candle burn. If you extinguish your candle before the wax pool meets the glass, the result will be tunnelling – the wax builds up around the sides of the glass and the candle burns down the center deeper and deeper. The scent and aromatic benefits of the candle will decrease and over time the melted wax will drown the flame.

3. Optimum burn time for your candle is one hour for every inch in diameter.

My candle flame is really high – what can I do?
If the flame of your candle is too high, extinguish the candle and cut the wick back about a quarter of an inch. Note that wooden wicks tend to burn with a higher flame until the excess has burnt.

My candle flame is really low – what can I do?
A candle flame burned longer than its previous burn can become low. The reason is because wax on the side of the jar melts and will pool around the wick, essentially drowning the exposed portion of the wick. If this is the case, simply blow out the candle and pour out the melted wax. If that does not solve the low burning flame problem, you may need to dig out a little wax around the wick.

My wooden wick flame goes out – what’s wrong?
Sometimes on a first lighting the wooden wick will go out and so require a relighting. this is because of the way the wooden wick shapes after the candle’s initial burn. Wooden wicks begin with a square shape but eventually turns into a ‘/’ shape. Relighting may be necessary as the corners of the square wick burn off. For other issues related to candle burning, see the question above concerning low flames.

What causes my candle to smoke?
Smoking is common with paraffin wax but very uncommon with soy wax. If you notice your candle smoking, the cause is probably a breeze from an open door, a window, or fan. Move the candle and it should no longer exhibit excessive smoking.

Do your candles have fragrance and color only on the outside or throughout the full candle?
Terra Bamboo candles are colored and scented fully throughout the candle. While some candle manufacturers only coat the outside of their candles, we strive to provide the highest quality product so that you achieve the greatest enjoyment from our candles.

Why do some scents seem a little weaker than others? Does this affect the candle’s aroma-therapeutic benefits?
Terra Bamboo uses 100% natural essential oils. Because of their natural qualities some scents will be stronger than others. We use the same amount of oils in every candle (based on size) and irrespective of the costs of the oils.

Can a melted soy wax candle be used as a moisturizer / lotion?
Soy wax is purely natural and as a result of this some people use it as a moisturizer. However, while our candles are completely natural we infuse them with essential oils that contribute to their aroma-therapeutic effects. Although a reaction is unlikely, we suggest you discuss with a doctor or skin expert before applying any of ours (or anyone’s) wax products to your skin. It is important to note that everyone is different and while a reaction may not occur for some persons, it may for others.

Why is there a warning on my candle that says to stop burning the candle when a quarter inch of wax remains?
The glass jar containing your candle will get very hot as the wax runs out. Stopping when around a quarter of an inch of wax remains is the best policy to keep the glass jar from getting too hot. It should be noted that at any time your candle is burning the glass jar will be hot and care should be taken. As well, one should never burn candles on surfaces susceptible to heat. Always take full safety precautions when using candles.

Why does my candle have a “marbled” look?
Some candles will have unique swirls in them giving them a marbled appearance. This is called ‘mottling’ and is a random feature that sometimes takes place during the candle creation process. All of our candles are hand-crafted and 100% natural. Such marbled features contribute to the individuality and unique nature of your candle.

Why does my candle have a pocket of air?
Most soy candles will not exhibit pockets of air. However, because soy wax is sensitive to temperature changes, soy wax will sometimes shrink resulting in a characteristic air pocket in the candle. This is uncontrollable. It should be noted that this has no affect on the candle’s burning nor it’s therapeutic affects and therefore is not considered a defective product.

Is it necessary to place something underneath the candle while it burns?
Candles should only be burned on heat resistant surfaces. See safety tips below:

Candle Safety

Never leave burning candles unattended

Keep out of the reach of children and pets

Always keep burning candles at a safe distance from flammable objects

Carefully extinguish candles and ensure that hot wax does not spill or splatter

Keep melted wax clean of wick trimmings and all flammable materials

When lighting your candle, ensure wick is in the center of the candle