Our bamboo vases are made from 100% natural bamboo timber poles harvested from the wild and cured with a proprietary process. This results in the natural sugars in the bamboo to crystallize and bond with the bamboo fibers forming a natural composite material.

Our process enhances the character of the bamboo and the vases feel like a ceramic piece but with all of its rich bamboo qualities. No paint is added, providing a natural beautiful look. Our vases are sturdy. The crystallized sugars provide a glass-like finish along with a natural sweet roasted scent.  They may need to be periodically cleaned for mildew.

Vase sizes vary between 8-10 inches tall and 2-3 inches thick.

We can cut vases to specifications with minimum order ($250).             vase2


$1/inch-height less than 3″ diameter (10″ height, 2.5″ diameter is $10)

$1.5/inch-height greater than 3″ diameter (10″ height, 3-3.5″ diameter is $15)